My short speech at Oxford University Global Education Summit!

Thankful for the opportunity to talk about women empowerment through education about self-love and self-respect. Taking responsibility to never allowing anyone to hurt or abuse us. Thanks to NRI welfare society of India for organizing the event and to invite me! Met a lot of wonderful educators and hope for collaborations and friends to happen from this!

The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Unreported: Domestic Abuse is an Unreported Crime, and Learning to L.I.V.E. free is a journey… by Ms. Veera Mahajan

Breaking Your Barriers – Podcast Episode

"Hanging out with local Heroes" - Veera Mahajan

VEERA MAHAJAN: A leading mediation expert and international best-selling author cautions that a year of pent-up frustrations; could cause students to blow

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Podcast Episode

MEDITATE TO MEDIATE - Her Journey From India to America with Mediator Veera Mahajan

Podcast Episode

PopImpressKA Journal: Veera Mahajan - Mediator and a Life Coach

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Could “Domestic Harmony” be the new Normal? A better future for our children!


Could “Domestic Harmony” be the new Normal? A better future for our children!

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Interview with Rukhsar Sayyed of Apni Pehchan and ABNews, India A conversation about Transformation from Abuse to Empowerment and Mediation for Harmony


"WIN-WIN: The Way To End Domestic Abuse" with Veera Mahajan The Power of Intention Podcast

Podcast Episode

From an author to the producer of music videos, Veera Mahajan has come a long way

Breaking the Stereotype: Veera Mahajan’s journey from being an author to a producer

“Standing up in opposition to violence and voicing-out your opinions is essential” says Ms. Veera Mahajan

“The best thing you can do is to focus on enjoying every moment”, advises Ms. Veera Mahajan, greatest promoting Author and Indian Producer.

“Standing up against violence and voicing-out your opinions is important” says Ms. Veera Mahajan

While it is said that there is gender equality, in actuality there is still a long way to go”, says Ms. Veera Mahajan